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What a Wild
Greetings from Cochabamba,

Winter here in Bolivia is a time we always look forward to. It is a time when friends, old and new, come to visit and share in our lives, and a time when our kids can take a short break from classes. Most of all, winter brings with it a break from the routine, and more time to share together as a family.

As part of our extended family, we want to share some of the highlights of the past few months with you, and to thank you for helping make this incredible family possible!

Peace and Blessings,
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High School Meet!
This June, we spent an incredible week with the second team to come and visit us from Carmel, IN. This group was the first official "June Term" team to join us from University High School, and we hope after such a great experience to host more groups in the future.

A group of 14 high school students and adults joined us to provide outdoor seating for the high school that our teens attend, and spend some quality time with our girls and boys. We also held a talent show and a day out at "El Poncho", where we had some fun in the sun and swimming pool.

It was a blast, as the photos below attest!
University High Image Jill, and her trusty selfie-stick, which rarely left her side. University High Image Samuel enjoying some candy won in a game. University High Image Garett, who returned for his second trip to Cochabamba, with our little Cristina. University High Image Jhoselin, Johana and Evelyn showing their flexibility off to the camera. University High Image Let's see who can get the Oreo in her mouth first - and laugh at them all as they try! University High Image Isabelle and Tomás formed a special relationship in their time together. University High Image The team and kids enjoyed having downtime to just hang out together. University High Image Stacey and Diego - or is it? University High Image Garett and his mom, Nancy, teaming up to cut some rebar. University High Image Brooke, Emily and Ellen taking a break at our kids' high school. University High Image Tyson, along with teacher and team leader, Stacey. University High Image Nancy T. and Nancy F. cutting the rebar for the table-top forms. University High Image The painting was actually finished by our third summer team, but here is a picture of the finished project - awesome job team! University High Image Showing off the gifts given by one of the high school classes as a thanks. University High Image Ellen and Jill enjoying some Wistupiku empanadas. University High Image Making home-made modeling clay. University High Image Clara, not so sure about this part of her facial. University High Image Noah getting a special visit from a clown during a night out of music and dancing with our girls. University High Image Our guide, Remy, explaining some history at the ruins of Incallajta, Cochabamba's largest site of Incan ruins. University High Image Darren helping Alarico swim at El Poncho. University High Image Cynthia and Fabiola in a traditional dance. University High Image Manolo showing off his pipes. University High Image Martina and Karina demonstrating their dancing talents. University High Image Mariela and Diego in a taekwondo demonstration. University High Image Our oldest teens in a typical dance routine. University High Image Zamora and Nohemi. University High Image The moms singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star in Spanish. University High Image Alarico, Eduardo and Marcos playing some music on the pan flutes. University High Image Paty and Natalia in a hip-hop number. University High Image Jill and Ellen closing off with something silly. University High Image Our girls on the ride home after goodbyes with the team.
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Vacations, VBS and
The first weeks of July brought with them winter vacations, as well as a team of 13 from Restoration Anglican Church that traveled all the way from Arlington, VA to host a vacation Bible school at our kids' church, and to share in some super fun activities in our homes.

One member of this team, Endel Liias, is the founder of Niños con Valor, so we were especially excited to be able to celebrate our 10-year anniversary with him. Our kids shared some of their incredible talents, and Tyson made a video looking back at 10 amazing years of nurturing our loving Niños con Valor family.

Check out some of the great photos below.
Resto Image The team at their VBS at La Trinidad church. Resto Image A couple boys from the community working on a VBS activity. Resto Image Playing a circle game in the park near the girls' home. Resto Image Susie playing ball with Alarico at the park. Resto Image Natalia with some of the team chilling on the monkey bars. Resto Image Craig and Louise playing some games on the basketball court with the kids. Resto Image Eva-Elizabeth and Liz getting right into the face-painting activity. Resto Image Liz and Marla, coloring with a group of our teens. Resto Image Mariela and Jhoselin posing for a photo. Resto Image Carson, with his sponsor "cousin" Manolo. Resto Image Abigail, Jhoselin and Johana, with Tía Kate up at the Cristo. Resto Image 60 frozen yogurts - that's easy :) Resto Image Keeping the ball up at El Poncho. Resto Image Chilling in the kids' pool at El Poncho. Resto Image It was a day of fun and friendship. Resto Image Tía Carolina lounging in a hammock with baby Cristina, talking with Marla. Resto Image Endel and Andrew playing soccer with Timoteo and Marcos. Resto Image Tía Rossmery chilling with Ramiro. Resto Image Tía Sonia helping distract a very mischievous Eneas. Resto Image Marcos and Ramiro, relaxing in the hammock. Resto Image Gloria hanging out with Tomás. Resto Image Bolivian board chair, Ginny, opening our 10th anniversary activity. Resto Image Tía Evelyn with our little "angelitos". Resto Image Natalia, Zuleika and Laura making their dresses flow. Resto Image The team singing some songs they used at the VBS. Resto Image Tias and teens joining together for a traditional Bolivian dance. Resto Image Paulina, Evelyn and Cynthia shared from their own experiences what being a part of the Niños con Valor family means to each of them. Resto Image Manolo, Eneas and Eduardo, dressed as old men for a traditional dance performance. Resto Image Manolo showing his strength. Resto Image Timoteo and Endel breaking it down to Enrique Iglesias. Resto Image The tias performing a dance dressed as elderly women. Resto Image Eva-Elizabeth and Zuleika hug - goodbyes are so sad!
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Coming to America!
Last October, during Tyson's travels to the US, conversations started to arise about the possibility of having one of the young women who grew up in Corazón del Pastor girls' home join him on a future trip. We are excited to share with you that, after a long application process, which included an interview in La Paz and follow-up questions for our US and Bolivian leadership, Sofia has been granted a tourist visa to the United States!

She will be traveling with Tyson to all of his stops this October, and is working hard on her English so she will be ready to share a bit about her own life as a part of our 2016 presentation. Thanks for all of those who have been praying for this - Sofia is so excited, as are we, for this incredible opportunity she has been given.
Good Sam Image
Good Times with
Good Samaritan
The folks at Church of the Good Samaritan (Paoli, PA) have been close friends and supporters of Niños con Valor since before we even opened the doors of Corazón del Pastor in 2006! They have sent several teams, have representation on our US board of directors, and most importantly, are constantly keeping in touch with us and holding us in their prayers.

Their team of 13 joined us for 2 weeks, put on a science show and spa day, helped fix up our kids' primary school and the park at Corazón del Pastor, and joined our teens on a trip to Mizque to help a rural community improve their daycare center.

It was a ton of fun - check out the photos below!
Good Sam Image Paty and Marianne painting at the kids' primary school. Good Sam Image Lexie and Kevin getting the higher spots on the wall. Good Sam Image Lauren and Natalia taking their painting very seriously. Good Sam Image Lexie and her mom Tammy helping finish up the University High School project. Good Sam Image Betsy ready to paint the slide at CDP. Good Sam Image Abigail playing cards with Timoteo, Victoria and Marcos. Good Sam Image Origami! Good Sam Image Andy and Manolo ready to test out their paper airplane. Good Sam Image Father and daughter playing crazy with Bemabe and Tomás. Good Sam Image There's always time for a bit of a dance party. Good Sam Image Kevin providing a lesson on science - and a bit of magic. Good Sam Image Paulina showing off her nails at the spa day. Good Sam Image Samuel and Morgan. Good Sam Image Our teens representing different cultures on world missions Sunday. Good Sam Image The team with Sofia at the Sendero de Esperanza transition apartment. Good Sam Image Molly and Lauren in the bus, on the way Mizque. Good Sam Image All ready to play a game of cacho! Good Sam Image While waiting for transportation, the girls had fun braiding hair. Good Sam Image Molly and Morgan posing in Mizque's museum. Good Sam Image Molly, Cara and Lexie with one of the dogs that wandered around Mizque's main plaza. Good Sam Image Some activities lead by Liseth to strengthen our group. Good Sam Image Kevin, Betsy and Cara, making a mess helping stucco a wall for the new daycare room in the community of Tablas Mayu. Good Sam Image Paola with Adriana, Karina and Soraya. Good Sam Image The team doing the same group dynamic with the kids in Tablas Mayu. Good Sam Image Martina playing soccer with some of the children from the community. Good Sam Image Hanging out with the kids in the community. Good Sam Image Lexie drawing a picture for some curious onlookers. Good Sam Image Massages for all the hard work. Good Sam Image Paola presenting materials and furnishings for the daycare. Good Sam Image Molly, along with mom Betsy, enjoying the local ice cream. Good Sam Image Getting on the plane to go spend a day in La Paz to wrap up their time in Bolivia. Good Sam Image Taking pictures from La Paz's cable car system. Good Sam Image Kevin bibbed and ready to try his first llama meal.
Anniversary Image
What an Amazing
Ten Year Adventure
As mentioned in our section on Restoration Anglican, July 2016 marked our 10 year anniversary. Technically, we became an officially recognized Bolivian charity in September 2006; however, our first home, Corazón del Pastor, actually opened up 3 months earlier with the support of Bolivian Family and Children Services.

So much has happened in the past ten years: two residential homes, a transition program and home, a special fund for children living with HIV, and most importantly, 89 lives have been touched by the love of Niños con Valor.

Here are just a few out of thousands of photos we've collected over the past decade - enjoy!
Anniversary Image Our first family photo! Way back in 2006 :) Anniversary Image Every single one of them is now a teen or young adult. Anniversary Image Tía Kim, with some of the first kids to join Pedacito de Cielo. Anniversary Image Marcos, along with Chale and Mariana, back when PDC was only a daycare. Anniversary Image Tía Paola and Tía Evelyn, both still a part of the NCV family, early on with some of our pedacitos. Anniversary Image Paty and Mariela - younger, but silly as always. Anniversary Image A miniature Manolo! Anniversary Image Jhoselin and Johana back in 2007. Anniversary Image Our sweet little Victoria back in 2009. Anniversary Image Lucas and Zaquiel, now both living with family and doing great. Anniversary Image Alandra and Zamora shortly after they joined the CDP family in 2010. Anniversary Image Our 2012 family photo at Pedacito de Cielo. Anniversary Image Adriana, Jhoselin, Evelyn and Johana, all within a few years of adulthood, have always been the divas of the home. Anniversary Image Our boys celebrating Carnaval a few year back. Anniversary Image Remembering our Alvaro, who passed away in April 2014, but always remains in our hearts. Anniversary Image We have always encouraged volunteering amongst our kids - here, Bryssa and Paty, at a nursing home for abandoned elderly. Anniversary Image A group of our boys hanging out at Lincoln Park. Anniversary Image The girls on a trip to Oruro in January 2010. Anniversary Image Marcos embracing Zaquiel and Miguel. Miguel is happy with his adoptive family. Anniversary Image Tía Liseth with Jhoselin in Copacababa. Encouraging our kids to explore their country and learn about their history has always been a priority. Anniversary Image Every January since 2007, with only one exception, we've held an annual "Moda Loca" crazy fashion show as a last "hurrah" before summer vacations end. Anniversary Image Volunteers, like Tía Kimber, have been an important part of our family over the years. Anniversary Image Sydney, who was around shortly after we opened PDC, with Marcos when he was just an infant. Anniversary Image Tía Megan has come back and visited several times since her initial volunteer time with us, and continues to help out from within the US. Anniversary Image Mark and Becky came and had a great experience together. Anniversary Image Jess built incredible relationships with our girls, and came back to visit them with her husband, Kyle. Anniversary Image Olivia was the first of our teens to celebrate her quinceaños, a big deal here in Bolivia. Below are photos of some of our other quinceañaras over the years. Anniversary Image Anniversary Image Anniversary Image Anniversary Image Anniversary Image Anniversary Image Anniversary Image Last year marked a major event in our family - Paulina gave birth to her sweet little daughter, Cristina. Anniversary Image Our most recent family photo - oh how we've grown!
October 2016 Travel Schedule
If you would like to connect with Tyson, our International Director, or Sofia, the young woman who has grown up as a part of the NCV family and who will be traveling with him in October, please look over the following schedule and contact us for details on events planned at each stop.

October 2 - 5 : The Bay Area

October 6 - 9 : Southern California

October 10 - 11 : Boston

October 12 - 13 : Washington, DC

October 14 - 16 : Philadelphia

October 17 - 18 : Chicago

October 19 - 21 : Indianapolis

October 22 - 25 : Coeur D'Alene

October 26 - 31 : Seattle
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Sponsorship Spotlight
sponsor image
Timoteo joined the Pedacito de Cielo family in May of last year. He came from a home for children with severe neurological difficulties, and the nuns caring for him felt he was not thriving. He was the only fully verbal child in the home, and showed an incredible aptitude for memorization.

Just a little over a year later, at 12-years-old Timoteo is thriving. He loves to cook, is always the first to greet visitors to the home, and has recently started scouts!

If you would like to sponsor one of our children, and help them on their own journey to transformation, please visit our sponsorship page to learn how you can do so!
health image
Fabiola has only been a part of the Corazón del Pastor family since January, but she has adjusted well and has shown herself to be a fun, responsible 14-year-old. She came as a result of very difficult circumstances, yet radiates positivity.

Fabiola is incredibly curious. She is experiencing many things in the home for the first time, and likes to dive right in and learn. She especially enjoyes helping prepare meals, and sitting around and talking.

If you would like to sponsor one of our children, and help them on their own journey to transformation, please visit our sponsorship page to learn how you can do so!
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All of our programs seek to provide holistic care, as well as integrate children and families living with various physical and mental health issues, including HIV/AIDS.
Our home that provides care for up to 24 girls who have been orphaned, abandoned or removed from high-risk situations.
Our home that provides care for up to 14 boys who have been orphaned, abandoned or removed from high-risk situations.
We also host volunteers, who fulfill important roles within our programs. Click here to learn more.
Our transitional program, helping prepare teens for independent living once they leave our residential homes.
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