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Greetings from Cochabamba,

There is no doubt about it - this time of year is always full of change and anticipation! For a child growing up in many parts of the US and Canada, it means watching the leaves spread golden and firey paint throughout the neighborhood, then blanketing the fading grass as the silence of winter approaches. As a kid growing up here in Cochabamba, it means the end of drought, as rains begin their slow return and thristy plants splash their colorful blooms, and the nearing end of the school year.

Changes can be really good for us. They give us pause to reflect on our own lives as time passes and we, too, find ourselves changing into new versions of ourselves. Niños con Valor is constantly experiencing this type of change. Whether it is a child arriving with a need that we have not yet met in our other children, or the first time one of our teens invites a boyfriend home to meet her tias, we need to learn and adjust if we are to continue to provide our kids with the best care possible.

We thank you for coming alongside us, for growing with us from season to season, and we look forward to what comes next!

Peace and Love,



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When we first began working with Raquel and her siblings back in 2009, she was naturally shy. Her shyness, however, was amplified to self-consciousness due to a large scar on the right side of her face she had since childhood that never healed properly. Having consulted several doctors over the past couple of years, and attempted less invasive treatement options, last month we were presented with an opportunity to have Raquel receive plastic surgery from a group of visiting surgeons. Below are a couple recent photos of Raquel, along with Zandra and Caton. Caton came by our offices last week full of pride, showing us his first college grades - which were all really high!

Projects Image 1     Projects Image 2

Above Left: Raquel, smiling at a recent visit to Pedacito de Cielo.
Above Right: Here, with Caton and Zandra.

Raquel's surgery hasn't been the only physical change that has taken place in the kids we are supporting over the past couple of months. Three of our girls started up orthodontic treatments thanks to some support funding we received from First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue. While in these photos they don't appear all that happy (I mean, we took these shortly after the treatments started, and the poor things are in pain), Paty, Abigail and Adriana are all very grateful for this opportunity :) We will have updates on Bryssa, Johana Evelyn and Cynthia, who have recently started or are scheduled to begin treatments soon.

Projects Image 3     Projects Image 4

Above Left: Paty's headgear is helping both straighten her teeth and adjust her jaw position.
Above Right: Abigail has been a good sport, and won't need as long of a treatment as Paty.

Projects Image 5

Above: Adriana's older sister, Sofia, received a similar treatment a few years ago, so she is a bit more smiley about the whole affair :)

In August, we shared about Bolivian Independence Day celebrations. On September 14th, we celebrated Cochabamba's Anniversary by taking all the kids for a day of swimming and picnic fun. It was a great time for our boys and girls to spend the whole day together. Here's a few photos of the fun in the sun...

Projects Image 7     Projects Image 8

Above Left: The younger kids of PDC and CDP splashing in the wading pool.
Above Right: Adriana showing what a good swimmer she is.

Projects Image 9     Projects Image 10

Above Left: Sisters Mariela and Cynthia posing in the pool
Above Right: Zaquiel showing us his pearly whites.

Projects Image 11     Projects Image 12

Above Left: Lucas giving us one of his classic smiles.
Above Right: Eneas, still working on his.

Projects Image 13     Projects Image 14

Above Left: Victoria with her brother Marcos. These times of sharing are so important for the siblings.
Above Right: Sisters Karina and Nohemi taking a break from the pool.

Projects Image 15     Projects Image 16

Above Left: Karina, Adriana, Jhoselin, Johana, Vanesa and Camila catching some rays.
Above Right: Picnic time!

Projects Image 17     Projects Image 18

Above Left: Lucas looks on as Cedro shows his skills at dribbling the soccer ball.
Above Right: Alvaro and Bemabe get into mischief.

Projects Image 6

As the school year starts to wind down, all sorts of year-end events take place. A couple weeks back some of the girls of CDP participated in a cultural fair, and families were invited to come by and hear them present on different aspects.

Projects Image 19     Projects Image 20

Above Left: Evelyn showing some traditional textiles.
Above Right: Elena stands in front of a rural community mall.

Projects Image 21     Projects Image 22

Above Left: Vanesa at her booth, displaying local produce.
Above Right: Elena and Abigail posing outside their classroom.

Projects Image 23     Projects Image 24

Above Left: Vanesa with a friend.
Above Right: Bryssa and a friend displaying some local crafts.

Projects Image 25     Projects Image 26

Above Left: Olivia and Cynthia pose for a picture.
Above Right: Here, Olivia with her best friend.

Earlier, we mentioned how change can be good for us. For the past couple of years, our Bolivian Board of Directors has been looking to change from an organization mostly depending on funding from outside of the country, to one also is raising awareness and support here in Cochabamba. Since December of last year, one way this has been done is through fundraising teas. Over the past 7 weeks we have hosted two such events and they were both a success. As always, our little ones joined us with a traditional dance, and this time around our oldest girl, Olivia, gave a testimony of her life before CDP, and how things have changed.

Projects Image 27     Projects Image 28

Above Left: Zaquiel, Alvaro and Manolo posing before a dance.
Above Right: Tía Celia, who prepared all the kids for the dance, with Victoria, Zamora and Karina.

Projects Image 29     Projects Image 30

Above Left: The girls dancing before our guests.
Above Right: And our guests, looking on and enjoying.

Finally, perhaps the event in our lives that defines change more than any other, is passing from one year to the next. We celebrated several birthdays these past several weeks - Cedro, Paty, Abigail, Nohemi, Victoria and Lourdes, as well as Tía Paty, Tía Marysol, Tía Jackie and Tía Megan. Lourdes joined CDP when it opened back in July 2006, so it was a long anticipated joy to celebrate her 15th birthday celebration with her.

Projects Image 31     Projects Image 32

Above Left: Cedro, almost finishing his birthday Jell-O.
Above Right: Bryssa, mesmerized by the candle she is ready to blow out.

Projects Image 33     Projects Image 34

Above Left: Paty, with her birthday cake.
Above Right: Lourdes' 15th birthday cakes, looking yummy!

Projects Image 35     Projects Image 36

Above Left: Lourdes' damas awaiting her arrival.
Above Right: Tío Tyson and Lourdes dancing the waltz.

Projects Image 37     Projects Image 38

Above Left: Lourdes with her sister.
Above Right: And with her mom.

On a completely different note, our International Director, Tyson Malo, is heading north for a month, and will be making a few stops in the US and Canada. There are various presentations and informal get togethers planned, so if you are in one of these areas during the dates listed below, let us know and we can send you details:

  • Bay Area: Wednesday, October 24 - Friday, October 26
  • Seattle Area: Saturday, October 27 - Monday, October 29
  • Coeur d'Alene: Tuesday, October 30 - Thursday, November 1
  • Philadelphia Area: Friday, November 2 - Sunday, November 4
  • Southwestern Ontario: Monday, November 5 - Thursday, November 15

Whether a new bud ready to bloom, the first snowflake drifting gently in the breeze, the crackle of leaves under foot, or the rains come to quench a thristy earth, a shift in seasons is a beautiful thing. On September 22nd, NCV officially turned 6 years old. It is truly a beautiful thing after all this time to look at our growing children, hear about their hopes for the future, and be blessed with the opportunity to join them in this journey.

Peace and Love From the Children, the Staff, and the Volunteers of Niños con Valor.

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