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Greetings from Cochabamba,

Because of the Easter celebrations and the events and festivities surrounding Día del Niño (Children's Day), April was an exciting month for the foundation. To understand the true meaning of Easter, the girls attended a church service that was filled with hopeful messages and thanksgiving, and we discussed God's everlasting love and the resurrection miracle.

Día del Niño is commemorated every year on April 12th here in Bolivia. This special day is meant to celebrate Bolivia's children, and to promote children's rights nationally and around the world. These rights include having a safe place to live, access to healthy food and clean water, and just laws to protect them. Local parks and schools host carnivals and festivals for children, and the local government organizes lunches and fun activities. On this day, Niños con Valor celebrates and embraces the love and joy, hope and laughter, wonder and awe the wonderful kids of CDP, PDC and OAT bring to our lives each day.

Peace and Love,


** All photos in this newsletter are copyright 2012 Megan Lewis **


Maxam banner

This year for Día del Niño, Maxam-Fanexa, a large Bolivian explosive manufacturing company run by the military, hosted a fun event for our younger children. They enjoyed cake and candy, and were entertained with music, dancing, and a very funny clown duo. It was wonderful to watch as our kids laughed, danced, and enjoyed their special day. Several of Maxam-Fanexa's employees also sponsor specific children in our home, and we are so grateful for their continued support.

In addition to the sweets and the entertainment, the kids received new shoes for school, physical education, or special outings.

Maxam Image 1     Maxam Image 2

Above Left: The table for the kids, set up with party bags and little chairs.
Above Right: Lucas was very excited about the festivities!

Maxam Image 5     Maxam Image 6

Above Left: Johana enjoying herself.
Above Right: Karina and one of the NCV supporters from Maxam.

Maxam Image 7     Maxam Image 8

Above Left: Alarico was most excited about his party bag and treats!
Above Right: Diego watching the clown show.

Maxam Image 9     Maxam Image 10

Above Left: Adriana receiving her new shoes, which she was extremely excited about!
Above Right: Paty excitedly getting her shoes.

Both homes were invited to a theater event hosted by the local government. The actors were from different countries in South America, including Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. The kids really enjoyed the show, and even got to participate in some of the scenes and acts.

Show Image 1     Show Image 2

Above Left: Adriana, Victoria, Kattia, and Abigail waiting for the show to start.
Above Right: Nohemi, Johana, and Vanesa are excited!

Deportivo banner

Last weekend the girls who attend the school "14 de Septiembre" had a fun day dedicated to playing sports and exercising. Although not all the girls attend this school, we all went to show our support and cheer the girls on as they played soccer and completed obstacle courses. We even had a picnic in the stands as we watched and enjoyed the sunshine.

Sports Image 3     Sports Image 4

Above Left: Elena getting ready to play goalie in her class game.
Above Right: Adriana was very into the game, and her 6th grade class beat the 7th graders!

Sports Image 2

Above: Jhoselin and Johana watching and cheering from the stands.

PDC banner

This month we said goodbye to Lily, who is now living with her new family. We are excited about this new chapter of her life, but it was difficult to see her go. Lily began living with us when she was two months, and we have watched her blossom and grow since. We do miss her, but hope her new family brings lots of love, joy, and laughter to her life.

As we said goodbye to Lily, we also welcomed little Alejo to Pedacito de Cielo. He arrived at the home only five-days-old, and very underweight and fragile. We are all very excited to have a new baby, but pray that he will become stronger and his heath will improve with the attention, affection, love, and proper nutrition he will receive.

PDC Image 1     PDC Image 2

Above Left: Baby Alejo at nine days old!
Above Right: Manolo, who absolutely loves baby, showing off our new baby!

This month we celebrated two birthdays! On April 10th, Raquel from the One Child at a Time Program celebrated her 11th birthday! She has grown and matured so much over the past few years. We hope she has a wonderful year full of lots of love and wonderful memories. And, on April 13th, Zamora turned 5! She was very excited to celebrate her birthday with the other girls and her two sisters. Since arriving in 2010, Zamora has blossomed and grown into a spunky and funny, loving and affectionate little girl.

BDAY Image 1     BDAY Image 2

Above Left: Raquel is blossoming into a beautiful young girl.
Above Right: Zamora is one of our funkiest, funniest kids!

Although Día del Niño is celebrated one day a year, we celebrate and embrace the amazing kids of NCV each day. The love, smiles, laughter, and joy they bring to the homes is something to acknowledge and appreciate each day. May the magic of the Easter season continue, and may we feel and appreciate God's love and for us throughout the year.

Peace and Love From the Children, the Staff, and the Volunteers of Niños con Valor.

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