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Greetings from Cochabamba,

Child sponsorship is an integral part of creating self-sustainability and a solid future for Niños con Valor. In addition to the financial support and growth the foundation receives, the children greatly benefit from the special relationships made with their sponsors, or "padrinos", as they are referred to here in Bolivia.

Because our children have no one else to help meet their needs, we bring together sponsors from Bolivia, the US, Canada and Sweden, to form what we call "sponsorship families". The sponsorship money contributed by a sponsor is combined with the donations of others and is used to cover the expenses of your child, as well as the monthly costs of the project your child is involved in. Therefore, if your child lives in a home for orphaned or abandoned children, the entire home benefits. If your child is a member of a family we support and work with, the entire family benefits from your financial support.

If you are interested in improving and changing the life of a child, the information about becoming a sponsor can be found by following the links below. We appreciate all of our sponsors, as they are an important part of our Niños con Valor family.

In the US: Click Here

In Canada: Click Here

In Sweden: Click Here

In Bolivia: Click Here

Peace and Love,



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Bemabe entered Pedacito de Cielo in 2010, along with his four siblings, because of parental neglect and abandonment. He is almost 4 years old, and the staff is working with Bemabe to overcome some developmental obstacles he faces.

Over the past year and a half, Bemabe has blossomed into a very sociable, kind, loveable boy. Unlike when he first arrived, he is talkative and enjoys playing with the other boys. However, he can be sensitive and demands a lot of affection and attention.

Bemabe enjoys riding tricycles and playing ball, singing and dancing, watching movies and reading. He participates in the games and activities the staff plan, and especially enjoys trips to the park. This year, he entered pre-kindergarten, and greatly enjoys going to school to learn and make new friends.

By sponsoring Bemabe, he will be provided with the love, support, and proper nutrition he needs and deserves, and he will be presented with future opportunities that will help him develop his skills, overcome his developmental challenges, and help him grow into a healthy, happy young man.

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Manolo entered the home in 2009 following the death of his mother, and due to the poor economic situation of his extended family. He is 5 years old, and entered kindergarten this year. Manolo enjoys going to school to make new friends and play.

Manolo is extremely sociable and kind. He loves to play with the other boys, and enjoys taking care of and looking after the babies. He enjoys singing and dancing, playing ball and riding tricycles, playing in the garden and pretend cooking. He is spunky, outgoing, and friendly, always entertaining and making friends.

Although he is one of the older boys, Manolo struggles with his speech and has a difficult time expressing himself. The staff continues to work on his pronunciation and communication skills, and we hope to enroll him in speech therapy.

In April, Manolo will be traveling out of the country to receive some very important medical care and tests that are not available in Bolivia. These tests will help improve his health and create a better future for him.

By sponsoring Manolo, you can help him improve his speech and communication skills, travel to receive the medical care that will change his life, and allow him to receive the love and support he needs from our staff and volunteers.

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Paty, who was one of the first girls to enter Corazón del Pastor back in 2006, has grown and matured so much over the years. She became part of the NCV family due to the passing of her mother, as she had no extended family to care for her. She is 12 years old, and has expressed her excitement about entering her teen-age years.

Paty is a very sociable, kind, affectionate girl, who thrives on the love she receives from the staff and the other girls. She enjoys playing sports, especially running and playing volleyball, as well as doing arts and crafts, singing, and dancing. As she is a very talented dancer, Paty hopes to take classes and further develop her dancing skills.

Although she struggles with learning disabilities, Paty's study skills and concentration have greatly improved, and she has learned to cope with her learning difficulties. Gradually, her performance in school has improved, which has given her a boost of confidence.

By sponsoring Paty, you can help to give her the opportunity to develop her dance skills, to be provided with tutoring and extra homework help, and to reach her goals and live out her dreams.

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Olivia came to Corazón del Pastor five years ago because of parental abandonment. Since arriving, she has grown, matured, and blossomed into a beautiful, fun, intelligent, gentle young woman. She is our oldest girl, and is very much a teenager—she enjoys listening to music and spending time with her friends and peers.

As she approaches her final year in the home, Olivia has begun to plan for, and worry about, her future. She is working with the staff to consider her options so she can reach her goals and dreams. She hopes to study at a university, and become a professional to create a better future for herself.

Prior to moving into the home, Olivia missed out on a few years of education. Therefore, she is a bit behind in school. However, she is a motivated, dedicated student, and is working hard to catch up with her peers.

Olivia is more withdrawn than some of the other girls, but enjoys spending time with the staff and the girls in the home. She enjoys watching movies and reading books, dancing and listening to music.

By sponsoring Olivia, you can help her create a bright, healthy future for herself by finishing high school and continuing to study in a university, and she can continue receiving the love and support needed to continue maturing and growing.

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Caton is part of Niños con Valor's One Child at a Time program. He and his family are considered to be at risk for possible disruption due to extreme poverty. Caton, and four of his five siblings, live with their elderly grandmother, supporting one another since the dealth of both parents several years ago. Because he is one of the older siblings, Caton feels the pressure to abandon his studies to generate income and support his family.

Caton is 20, and began his first year of university this year. He enjoys studying and reading, playing sports, especially basketball and soccer. Family is extremely important to him, and he enjoys spending time with his siblings and his grandmother.

Although he is no longer technically a "child", Caton needs your support, so that he can further his education and eventually find a job that will pay him well so he can suport his family. By sponsoring Caton, you are helping to ensure he receives a quality education at university and has the opportunity to create a better future for himself and his family.

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These are only five of the children that Niños con Valor supports and cares for. Each of the 45 children supported by NCV are special and unique. By sponsoring a child, you not only will create a very special relationship with that child, but will also give your child the support he or she needs to grow and live out his or her dreams. You will transform and positively impact the life of a Bolivian child forever.

Love and Peace from the kids, the staff, and the volunteers of Niños con Valor!

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