Niños con Valor E-Newsletter: Friday, February 29, 2008

Greetings from Cochabamba!

The past month has been crazy, not just due to our having to equip an office and launch a new phase in our street outreach program, but because this was the month of our annual "Moda Loca" (Crazy Fashion Show) at our girls' home, Corazón del Pastor.

The Moda Loca is not so much about fashion as it is about encouraging the girls to use their imaginations and as an excuse to have one last fiesta before summer vacations come to an end. Below are a few examples of the fun!



We also had a visit by some friends from Holy Cross Church in Georgia. This was our fourth visit from Holy Cross, and though it was a short few days, we were able to plan a lot for the future. We were also able to set up one room in our office as a training center for the girls in our street outreach program. Just this week we began working with two girls, one who has transitioned off the streets after 11 years and another who was living a life that that left her at risk for ending up on the streets. The girls are learning to parenting skills and how to cook, as well as receiving counseling from our staff psychologist, and soon will begin sewing, knitting and card making. As we watch it unfold, this project is developing into one of prevention, rehabilitation and training.


Above are a couple photos of the house we are renting for this project and our office space.

As mentioned in our last e-letter, we have launched a child sponsorship program. For as little as $30 a month you can participate in the transformation of a child's life. The children we are seeking sponsors for have no other means of support than the support we are able to provide them through your gifts. These children are not living with families, and as such, our sponsors are helping provide everything they need, such as:

  • Having a safe place to sleep (if in a residential care program)
  • Receiving good medical and dental care
  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Receiving school supplies and professional tutoring
  • Participating in program and community activities
  • Celebrating their birthday with their friends
  • Getting psychological counseling
  • Receiving guidance as they learn about God and their value as one of God’s children
  • Learning skills that will open up opportunities in the future
  • Most importantly, being loved by an incredible team of Bolivian staff

As a sponsor you will receive a photo such as the example below (name given in the example is ficticious) as well as an information sheet summarizing the child's background and the project s/he is a part of. If you would like to sponsor a child now, please see our giving options on our website. If you live in the US and would like to donate online with a credit card, please follow this link.

If you are interested in helping out with specific needs, here are some items we are currently needing extra funding for:

  • Vacuum Cleaner ... $100
  • Sewing Machines ... $200-$250 each (we are hoping to purchase at least 2)
  • Card-making Supplies ... $200 to start
  • Knitting and Sewing Supplies ... $200 to start

In addition to the items listed above, we also need additional monthly support to add a social worker to our staff. We are currently working with a young woman who is finishing her studies and has greatly improved the care we are able to provide. Her internship will end in 3 months and we would like to hire her on at least 3/4 time. The total cost will be $300 per month.

We thank you so much for the support and prayers you have been sending our way! Please continue to help us improve lives, one child at a time.

Much Peace and Love,

The Staff and Volunteers of Niños con Valor, Cochabamba

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