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  February 2015 Newsletter  
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Let's Celebrate!
A new school year, another graduation, a crazy fashion show, a trip to the hot springs - it has been an exciting month! Join us in celebrating the many blessings we've been experiencing.

Peace and Blessings,
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¡Moda Loca!
Each year, NCV plans a Moda Loca (Crazy Fashion Show) as a sort of end-of-summer-vacations party, to celebrate together as family, and get the last of our sillies out before the new school year begins.

This year, we saw some great outfits, shared an incredible meal, and as required by all parties in Bolivia - danced :)
moda loca image Evelyn showing off her fashion sense. moda loca image Tía Lucia, Paulina and Tía Celia, ready to party. moda loca image Our little vampire girls - Alandra and Karina. moda loca image Bemabe: all style. moda loca image Olivia and Ana with Tío Tyson. moda loca image Tía Sofia with Alejo - our little clown. moda loca image Good friend of NCV, Joe, dancing with Bryssa. moda loca image One of the new additions to the CDP family, Dori, getting into the spirit of the day.
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Hot Springs!
For all of the boys and girls who were unable to join us on our trip to La Paz at the end of 2014, we planned a fun day out of the city at the hot springs!

Most of the morning was spend in the pool, which was followed by an delicious lunch and some outdoor games. Some of our braver kids joined Tío Tyson, Tío Carlos, Tía Kimber and Tía Linda for a walk across a hanging bridge and a ride on a railroad handcar.
hot springs image Zuleika and Martina have become fast friends since arriving at CDP within the last couple of months. hot springs image Paulina enjoying the morning sunshine. hot springs image Tía Kimber and Tía Sofia help Clara and Samuel swim. hot springs image Alejo and Agustina enjoying a go on the swings. hot springs image Eneas making a timid descent down the waterslide. hot springs image Marcos showing off his strength. hot springs image Tío Carlos helping Samuel across the hanging bridge. hot springs image Hanging out on the railcar.
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Congratulations Zandra!
We are excited to share with you the exciting news that Zandra, who we have been supporting along with her siblings since 2008, had graduated law school!

We look forward to following her career, and are so happy that she will be in a better position to help support her family.
zandra image Zandra, along with Paola, Tía Fabiola and a group of girls from CDP.
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Every year, just a couple weeks into the new academic season, we are able to enjoy a long weekend to celebrate Carnaval. For children, this often means going to watch parades, and playing with water. This year was no different - here are some photos of the fun times.
zandra image TÍa Sofia gets soaked by Bemabe.
zandra image Bryssa, not looking very threatening with her water gun. zandra image The boys enjoying some fun with water.
zandra image Cynthia and Johana enjoying the Carnaval parade. zandra image Carnaval Parade!
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Claudia is a 3-year-old who recently joined us from La Paz. She is a sweet little girl who loves to color and quickly made friends with the other girls. One of the main reasons that she has come to live with us is that she has the same rare, complex heart defect that our little Guillermo did. We are working with specialists to arrange an operation as soon as possible, and ask for your prayers during this process.
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Zuleika may be a familiar face to some of you. She was with us for just a short time several years ago, but was transferred to a state home due to a legal process that she was involved in. She is happy to be back at CDP, and to be living in a place she learned to consider home. We are in the process of arranging a surgery to repair facial scarring caused by earlier medical interventions when she was a child.
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