We are always looking for committed volunteers who are adventurous enough to take the long flight to Cochabamba and serve alongside us. Why not consider joining us?

At Niños con Valor, we believe that volunteers can make a real difference in both the lives of the children they are serving alongside of, and in our organization as a whole.

We also believe that volunteers should have equal rights and obligation as our local staff. NCV volunteers are expected to work full hours, participate in holiday scheduling, and follow organizational rules and policy. They also receive vacation time, are able to participate in weekly staff meetings, and have opportunities to be involved in the administration of the organization.

If you are looking for an opportunity to both experience Bolivian culture, and to make a lasting change in the lives of children, please write to our volunteer coordinator to learn about next step. You can also read below about some of the partner organizations who place volunteers with us.

We have worked for several years with the Maryknoll Bolivia Mission Immersion Program. They offer both short- and long-term opportunities, providing host family services and language classes through one of the most highly respected language institutes throughout Latin America. They also have regular cultural presentations and travel opportunities.

To learn more about the program, you can read more about it here, or you can contact the program coordinator, Dan Moriarty.

In 2011 Niños con Valor entered into a partnership with Sustainable Bolivia. Sustainable Bolivia offesr host family placements, language classes, and cultural orientation, as well as opportunities to connect with other volunteers who are a part of their program, but are working with different organizations.

Their prices are listed here, and you can apply here. When applying, please remember to select “Niños con Valor” in the drop-down menu for “Desired Organizations”.

For those of you who would like to join us through another sending organization, we are more than willing to coordinate with them.

If you would prefer to come without the support of a sending organization, please contact us to see availability. We are able to host volunteers directly, but those opting for this option should understand that while we can arrange housing and help with visas, we are unable to provide many of the services that organizations like those above offer.

It is the responsibility of your sending organization to arrange all visa, travel and accommodation considerations for you. If you would like to put us in touch with such an organization, please write us at carolina@ninosconvalor.org.