A lot of things can happen when groups of people cross cultural and economic lines, not to mention continents.

Experiences occur that change lives, change attitudes, form understandings of why such poverty exists alongside such wealth, why some suffer so much more than others, and where God is in the midst of this poverty and suffering.

Our goal with visiting teams is not to simply provide them with projects – although this is part of what we do. What we seek first and foremost is to facilitate opportunity to change, that team members might engage with the reality that faces the children we serve, learning where they come from, and where – without appropriate and loving intervention – they could end up.

Generally, there are three components of a team visit with Niños con Valor.

First, a reality tour that shows both the lighter and the darker sides of Cochabamba, and particularly how this reality impacts children.

Second, a work component allowing teams to invest in a specific program that is either run by our foundation, or run by another organization we are connected with, building relationships with the children of that program.

And third, opportunity for reflection and discussion on these experiences with our long-term volunteer staff.

If you are interested in putting together a team and coming down to Bolivia, please write our team coordinator here.