Fall 2015 Newsletter

Our Fall Newsletter is online - check it out here: http://ninosconvalor.org/newsletters/2015/email_11_15.html It has been a while, so this is a longer one, but full of some exciting updates! Peace 🙂

July 2015 Newsletter

Our July Newsletter is online - check it out here: http://ninosconvalor.org/newsletters/2015/email_07_15.html We share about two exciting teams we had down with us, and the really big news of the birth of little Cristina! Peace 🙂

June Newsletter

March Newsletter is uploaded and ready to read online. In this month’s update, we share about a talent chow, a new chicken coop, a visit from a team, and our Big Sister mentor program… Enjoy! http://ninosconvalor.org/newsletters/2015/email_06_15.html

May Newsletter

May Newsletter is uploaded and ready to read online. In this month’s update, we share about two 15th birthdays we celebrated, some of our advocacy work to promote awareness of HIV in children, and our first intro to our future community project… Enjoy!...

April Newsletter

April Newsletter is uploaded and ready to read online. In this month’s update, we share about the stages of life our children are going through, and introduce a couple of our news children… Enjoy! http://ninosconvalor.org/newsletters/2015/email_04_15.html

March 2015 Newsletter

March Newsletter is uploaded and ready to read online. In this month’s update, we share about the importance of holistic health in our homes… Enjoy! http://ninosconvalor.org/newsletters/2015/email_03_15.html  

February 2015 NCV Newsletter

February Newsletters is Uploaded and ready to read online. In this month's update, we share about our annual Moda Loca, Carnaval, and a trip to some hot springs... Enjoy! http://ninosconvalor.org/newsletters/2015/email_02_15.html

First Newsletter of 2015!

Hey folks, sorry for the silence, but we are getting back into the groove after some busy summer vacations, and will be posting more frequently once again 🙂 Here is a link for our first newsletter of 2015, which includes some photos from our Christmas celebration, as...

Merry Christmas!

Each year, Niños con Valor gathers to celebrate the gift of Christmas, to spend a day reflecting on the successes of the year that is coming to an end, and in general, to be together as a family. The day begins with a presentation planned by the children and the...

Bring on 2015!

Ok, we are not there yet, and still have a TON of work to for Christmas, but last week the staff of CDP work together with all of our girls 8 years old and up to talk about next year's themes and activities. It was a fun morning, and our first attempt at having more...


It seems like not too long ago, Sofia* and Ana* arrived at Corazón del Pastor, full of uncertainty. Sure, like most kids they had dreams for the future, but these dreams were vague, and lacked the hope that is needed for us to pursue and achieve our dreams. [gallery...

Wrapping Up 2014

It is crazy to think that we are approaching the end of 2014. It has been a busy years, full of challenges and joys, and all of us who are a part of the NCV family, here in Bolivia and abroad, should feel really encouraged by the growth that we have seen in our...