Corazón del Pastor

Our residential home
for girls and teens

Pedacito de Cielo

Our residential home for
boys and daycare for
children affected by HIV/Aids.

Sendero de Esperanza

Our program to help prepare
our teens for independent living
and transitional home

Sponsor a Child

Join the NCV family
by sponsoring one of our
boys and girls today

Ciudadela Niños con Valor

Miraculous, transforming changes are happening in the lives of these children at at Niños Con Valor. But I’ve found that nothing happens over night. It is really the culmination of the love, encouragement, discipline, and opportunities that the Tía’s and volunteers give to these boys and girls on a daily basis. These small yet significant acts are what truly make a difference. The smiles and hugs you receive in return from these energetic kids will leave a lasting impression upon your heart. Despite the hardship many of these children have endured, I have faith that their futures are now hopeful and bright due to the foundation and home that Niños Con Valor has provided.

—Kate Raymond

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