Corazón del Pastor

Our residential home
for girls and teens

Pedacito de Cielo

Our residential home for
boys and daycare for
children affected by HIV/Aids.

Sendero de Esperanza

Our program to help prepare
our teens for independent living
and transitional home

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Thank you!

We are so thankful for the Christ Redeemer and Restoration team’s visit, their dedication and love for the kids, their hard work and contribution to many of our projects, and the smiles, laughs, and warmth they shared with the kids while here. We will cherish...

Math camp

Over winter break, the girls have been going to a Khan Academy Math Camp with AHA Bolivia…and LOVING it! Each gets their own computer, white board, and dry-erase marker, and have been working through problems at their own pace and with help from volunteers. Math...

Birthday Boy!

Last Friday, Mateo turned 5!!! The “pequeñas” (little ones) from Corazón, tías, and some special friends of Mateo’s came to celebrate. It was a full afternoon of singing, cake, and party favors, and playing outside. Congratulations...
Ciudadela Niños con Valor

1000099_591758777543057_1326914407_nA glimpse into Thursday morning piano lessons: Bryssa is learning chord accompaniments and by this time, her quickly-growing repertoire consists of two songs–”Libre Soy” from the musical Frozen, and “Breathe,” a song sung at our Anglican Church. Bryssa´s enthusiasm is infectious. She plays the chord progressions, and if I can persuade her, we both sing.

Katie Jickling

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