Corazón del Pastor

Our residential home
for girls and teens

Pedacito de Cielo

Our residential home for
boys and daycare for
children affected by HIV/Aids.

Sendero de Esperanza

Our program to help prepare
our teens for independent living
and transitional home

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boys and girls today

Latest News from Bolivia

First Newsletter of 2015!

Hey folks, sorry for the silence, but we are getting back into the groove after some busy summer vacations, and will be posting more frequently once again Here is a link for our first newsletter of 2015, which includes some photos from our Christmas celebration, as... read more

Merry Christmas!

Each year, Niños con Valor gathers to celebrate the gift of Christmas, to spend a day reflecting on the successes of the year that is coming to an end, and in general, to be together as a family. The day begins with a presentation planned by the children and the... read more

Bring on 2015!

Ok, we are not there yet, and still have a TON of work to for Christmas, but last week the staff of CDP work together with all of our girls 8 years old and up to talk about next year’s themes and activities. It was a fun morning, and our first attempt at having... read more

Every Wednesday and Saturday morning you can find me at Corazón del Pastor by 6am, smiling and promising my three running buddies, Evelyn, Adriana, and Mariela, that this morning’s run is “gonna be a fun one!” Despite the fact that they rarely believe me, all three of them pound it out on the pavement for the next 30 minutes (with a few walking breaks scattered here and there!), all the while asking questions and chatting with me about various topics. As someone who often struggles with early morning runs, these three wonderful young women make my biweekly up-before-dawn wake-ups not only worth the effort, but also something I very much look forward to!

Caitlin Reichelderfer

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